Project Proposal.

My chosen style of photography for our Blackpool 2016 trip, is lifestyle, more specifically Family lifestyle. Whilst in Blackpool I would like to take photographs that wouldn’t look out of place in an advertisement for Blackpool’s Autumn events. More specifically, I have chosen to go with the theme of Nostalgia.



To help me combine both the style and the theme. I will be bringing my Husband and children along to Blackpool. Below is a list of Photographs I would like to take when I get there. I know the brief is only asking for 4-6 photographs to be uploaded, But I would like a choice between final images, hopefully then giving me a better chance of only uploading the absolute best projection of my capabilities. I’ve also included ‘How’ I will be taking my photographs. With some photographs I’ve found and used as inspiration for various reasons.






Next up, What equipment I’ll be using and how  I’m going to transport, both my equipment and subjects up to blackpool? This can be answered below.



And Lastly, I included an Itinerary for my trip. Of course I am not expecting to stick to these timing completely, but having a copy of this will help me be more organised and focused on the job, once i’m out in Blackpool trying to organise my children for their next photo.


All together, this makes my Project proposal for the Blackpool 2016 trip.

Thank you for reading.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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