Project proposal.

For my next project, I will be aiming to compile a collection of photographs documenting my favourite day of the week. ‘Oh, Sunday’ will be a series of Documentary/Lifestyle photographs, shot, edited and gathered together to depict what we all would call the perfect Sunday.

Using experience from a monthly blog/photography project I take part in, I will be aiming to give a styled and softly shot insight into domestic bliss. To do this effectively, I have organised four seperate shoot dates, which will all have their own individual photograph goals, but when combined together will give a collection of images that have acomplished my aim. Below you can find my planned Shoots.

  • Shoot 1:

Barton grange- ‘Sunday morning’ Market stall trip.

  • Shoot 2:

‘Lazy Sunday morning’

  • Shoot 3:

‘Post Dinner walk’

  • Shoot 4:

Styled ‘Sunday Dinner’ shoot.

  • Shoot 5: 

‘Sunday evening’ shoot.

When researching my chosen project theme, I came across a number of photographers (both proffessional and hobbyists) that have influenced my decision to stick with this theme, all that have given me positive inspiration for the type of photography I want to have successfully produced by the end of this assignement. The photographers and examples of their work, can be seen below.

Clare Mansell – Hobbyist, Blogger  and creator of monthly candid photography project The Home life project.

David Griffen – Food stylist & Food photographer.


Sarah Wilkerson – Candid natural light photographer.


I will be using quite a lot of equipment for this project, from the obvious technical equipment such as

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Wireless shutter release remote
  • Reflector

To food & interior photography props such as

  • Textiles (linen napkins, fabric scraps for food shots)
  • Tableware and cutlery
  • Food
  • Soft lighting such as lamps and candles.

This will afterall be a collection of both candid and heavily styled photographs. Everything down to clothing worn by models, will all be chosen to give the desired finish to each photo.

My final aim for this project, is to have a collection of very relaxed, warm and inviting lifestyle photographs. Even though the backgrounds will all be directed and styled, I want every photo be be very natural, so the only light i’ll be using is natural. The majority of the photographs will be taken in my home, with my family, so although Health and safety risks arent a major issue, i’ll still continue to uphold any practices that prevent harm being caused to myself or anyone else. An example of possible risks can be found below.



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