‘Oh, Sunday’ – Final ten photographs.

Over the past two months, I’ve taken nearly forty photographs for this project, today I’ve narrowed it down to my final ten. One of my main goals for this project was to do documentary photography without having a face in. you’ll see a back of the head, or an arm, or a mouth, but never a full face. I just wanted to focus more on the surroundings, the act of the person in relation to a Sunday rather than if the person had a made up face, or styled hair.

As someone who mainly shoots family/lifestyle photography, I really enjoyed this whole project, it was completely within my comfort zone and something I could really think about creatively, without having to panic over how I was going to do it technically.

Choosing just ten photo’s has been very difficult, I’ve missed a couple of my absolute favourite photographs out of the final selection, so I can have a cohesive collection, rather than a selection of individually nice images.

Below you’ll find my chosen photographs.

‘Oh, Sunday’ 

Nikon D5300 – F/2.5   35mm  1/125s – I chose this photo because of the light. I don’t usually do bright, light & soft as editing techniques, instead preferring the heavy shadows and contrast. But I really liked how fresh this photo was. A brand new day. 
Nikon D5300 – F/2.5  35mm  1/125s – I chose this photo because of it’s cosiness. Its everything I wanted the ‘Oh, Sunday’ project to be. I love the texture on the linen, the pop of orange against an otherwise neutral pallet. And of course the fact that we are having breakfast in bed – even if it was all staged!
Nikon D5300- F/2.5  35mm  1/125s – I chose this photo mainly because of the twinkly Christmas lights. And the stacks upon stacks of neat produce. a very pretty farm shop. 
Nikon D5300 – F/2.8   35mm  1/125s – I chose this one because of the mini trolley – adorable! Technique wise, I just like how centred the trolley is, both the blurred vegetables in the back ground. 
Nikon D5300 – F/2.8  35mm  1/100s – I chose this photograph because of how symmetrical it is. I really like the light in this photograph, its light enough to be clean and for the food to be visible – which is obviously a must in food photography- but it also has a warmth to it, the type of warmth you’d expect to surround a Sunday roast. 
Nikon D5300 – F/2.8 35mm. 1/320s – I chose this one, solely because of how clear I managed to capture the gravy pour. No other reason. 
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Nikon D5300- F/2.8 35mm 1/400s – I mentioned earlier my love for dark shadows and contrast. Well this isn’t one of my favourite photos to represent that, but It is from this collection. I particularly like, how light it is prior to the giant forest ahead, and the light glowing right at the end of it. 
NikonD5300- F/4.5 35mm 1/60s – This one  chose because of how uniformed the tree’s looked. I love the texture in the tree’s, the vibrant green moss around the stumps and the overall magic feeling of the woods. 
NikonD5300- F/4.5  35mm  1/60s – I couldn’t NOT include this photograph, Mischa colours every night, more so on a Sunday night – when she has more free time. I like the rainbow of colours against the grey tones in this photograph – even if they are all mix and matched. 
NikonD5300- F/4.5  35mm  1/60s – This photo sums up my Sunday evening perfectly. I chose this photo because to me it shows the stillness, the calm quite that comes at the ned of a chaotic week, but before a new one begins. Its a certain calmest you only get on A Sunday night, once all the chores have been done and you can finally rest. 

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