Project proposal.

For my next project, I am going to bake a cake. The last project was quite a heavy work load and this time I want to really simplify the process, I want to be able to put more time and effort into each individual photograph, rather than the collection as a whole – although, they will still form one collection.

I would like to photograph the process from gathering ingredients, measuring, mixing, baking, all the way through to finishing touches and finally eating. There is after all something so simply pleasurable about baking a cake, and the key word for this whole project is simple.

My plan style wise for these images, is to create a delightful dessert to celebrate the beginning of spring, I haven’t chosen my exact recipe yet, but either way it will be fresh and light. I would like the style of these photos to be very natural (as in nature inspired) so softly toned linens, fresh flowers, light and airy, all to show the start of a new seasonal cycle.

Unlike my last project, I will be photographing all images in one single session – though this will be a half a day session, to give time to actually bake in-between photographs.

Technically, I would like my images to be clear, with quite a low F-stop, for depth of field. I would like to take both close up and full shot photographs. To get the desired effect, I will be using my AF-S NIKKOR 35mm 1:1.8G lens. Because it goes all the way down to 1.8 F.stop and I always love how this lens works when doing food photography. Other equipment needed will be Ingredients, back drop, accessories for styling, a studio light with diffuser umbrella, my tripod and a step stool for taking those photographs higher up.

When researching inspiration for this project I had a very clear image in my mind of how I would like each photo to look. And below you can find the photographs that have inspired that image, with a brief explanation of why.


I love the natural styling of these photographs by photographer & baker Amanda (Chew town) I love the texture in the backgdrops, the natural sloppiness of the cake (chocolate should always be slathered on generously) and the overall lightness of these photographs.

I really do love these photographs from Blogger/photographer Louise over at Cygnet kitchen.   They’re seasonal, with lots of lovely fresh flowers, but also very simple, very natural. Just what I want from my photographs. I also love the lighting and the beautiful pop of those purple flowers against the subtle greys.

I will be setting up my ‘mini-studio’ in the kitchen, its the only place big enough, but unfortunately it lacks in natural light so I will have to use my studio light. I’ve made up an example of what my setup will be like during the shoot.



I’m lucky that risk assessment wise, its all fairly simple, with it being in my home. However there are still some risks attached to doing this shoot, you can find a list potential risks below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.40.16

All in all, I’m very excited for this project, mainly because of the simplicity and the fact that I won’t be getting overwhelmed with logistics, instead being able to concentrate on making each image pleasing to look at.

Robyn Swain.





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