Editing & final photographs.

I found it really difficult to choose only ten photographs for the last part of this projects, I didn’t wasn’t to miss a section of the recipe, yet I hadn’t chosen to do something that had less than ten steps. Before choosing I had to edit my photographs, I had already narrowed it down to 30 (you can find the full contact sheet with those photographs on the previous post).

There wasn’t an awful lot of editing to do on these photos, mainly I needed to crop and straighten shots, other than that it was all about giving those colours a bit more depth. There are a few examples of how I edited using Lightroom below.

For this one, I simply raised the contrast, saturation a little bit, exposure very slightly and lowered the highlight bar a little to stop it being too over exposed. This gave a much needed boost to the photograph.


I did almost exactly the same to this photograph as in the last (all of the photos really have had the same editing used to create consistency.) however with this one I cropped it (getting rid of the end of the backdrop in the left hand side) and brought down the temperature to create a better white balance.


Another example of the last steps to edit. I really liked this shot, though the wavy wallpaper where it had come loose from the wall was really distracting and a little shabby. So I cropped it out, altered the white balance as well as tightening the contrast, exposure and lowering the highlighting bar.


Now finally onto my final ten images. I did find it so hard to choose only ten (I managed to get it down to 15 no problems!) But here they are ordered in sequence of events, not by favourites.

I really like the detail of crumb in this photo, the contrast of both the colour and the texture against the soft white baking parchment works really well together. 
This is one of my favourite from the entire shoot, I like how its all whites and greys, yet the whisk full of cream really grabs your attention, It makes me just want to grab a spoon and tuck in. 
I think, I just like photos of whipped cream really. This was another one of my favourites, it just looks so clean and crisp. 
I really like the contrast from this photo, finally some real colour in the form of this bright red reduced rhubarb jelly. It adds some much needed interest to the whole collection. 
This is my favourite photo from the shoot. I love how clean all the lines are, yet the little details like the scraping of cream cheese round the middle section of the cake. The bright red topping against the light and bright back grounds, the simple curve detail on the cake stand against those very straight lines of the wooden board. I love how you can see quite clearly many imperfections with this, but it still looks so perfect. 
I chose this photographs, because I like how I’ve captured the motion of my chocolate crumbling. I managed to get it at the perfect time. 
I like this photo because its the first one In the collection that represents my original idea for this project, I wanted dessert and flowers, soft linens and a sweet spring vibe. I do think this photo represents all of those things. 
I chose this photograph for the collection, just like before because I was really happy I had managed to get that motion shot of me picking up that first slice of cheesecake. even down to the egg tumbling off as I lift it!
I chose this photo, because I really do love it, its one of the best in the collection I think. The one I would choose to represent this complete collection. I love the layers, how they aren’t perfectly separated, but not so blended the whole thing looks a mess.  love the contrast of that slice against the background and I love the depth of field with the rest of the cake and those beautiful spring blooms in the background. 
And finally, I have chosen to finish with this photograph because I didn’t want to finish with a piece of uneaten dessert, these sweet treats are after all supposed to be eaten. I really love that strong depth of field in this image, all of the focus is on that spoonful of dessert heading towards the mouth. Its the perfect photo to end on I think. 



Overall I am really happy with the end results of this project. There area few things I will definitely be doing differently next time, like using the reflector for even light coverage and not having my studio light quite so close. But other than that I am really pleased, I wanted to create something light and seasonally spring-like, I wanted it to be quite natural and to have crisp images. I do think I’ve achieved all of that. I’m really looking forward to transferring those little on the job know hows over to the next food photography project, and seeing the quality of the end results compared to this time.



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