The bake.

I mentioned in my project proposal that I hadn’t yet chosen a dessert to make for my project. Well, I settled on a Rhubarb and custard cheesecake. A crunchy biscuit base, topped with a light and creamy cheese custard filling, a mellow yet tangy  reduced rhubarb jelly, finished with a sprinkling of white chocolate crumbles. Delicious.

I had the whole thing planned out, and last week I set about making it. I finished the process and set about editing my photographs, only to realise I hated the set up, the backgrounds, the props, the lighting. It was all more at home with a comforting winter bake, rather than the light spring one I realised I wanted.

So, I set about re-making the whole thing with a lighter – brighter set up. Only, when I made the second attempt, the cheesecake proportions were all off. It didn’t photograph very well at all. So, I had to re-make for the third (and thankfully last) time.

I used a DIY wooden slat board (painted white) as the surface, a sample of pale blue and white striped wallpaper cellotaped to the wall for the backdrop and my studio light set up to the right of me for this shoot (as shown in the previous post.)

I think all in all I shot around 60 images for this project, I then went through those discarding any that had the wrong camera settings, any blur or just in general weren’t any good. You can see the contact sheet below, holding what I was left with.


There are quite a few things I would have done differently with this shoot (though I do very much like how my images have turned out) I think, just to give that extra bit of professionalism, I should have used a white board to the left hand side of my set up, this would have reflected the light evenly across my mini studio. I also would have moved my lighting back slightly to stop it being SO bright. Ideally I would have been able to set this spot up next to a large window for a more natural look, but unfortunately It just wasn’t an option. However, using the studio lights meant that I had the luxury of time, When I took those last photos it was very grey and gloomy outside, had I been using a natural light source, I would have had to wait  to finish my photographs.

Here are some of the photos I am most happy with.









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